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5 Point Safety Checklist Before You Head Out on That Road Trip

Our car service center at Melloy Dodge in Albuquerque, NM, knows the importance of taking proactive measures to ensure your traveling is as safe as possible. Before you load up the car for that family trip, consider this 5 point safety checklist.

Before you leave your house for the trip, be sure that you:

1. Bring along a tire gauge and check that all four tires have the correct air pressure when you fuel up.

2. Bring along a gallon of the right engine coolant, not just water, in case the vehicle does overheat.

3. Change the wiper blades and…

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Why You Should Regularly Wash Your Car

Washing your car not only helps keep it looking shiny but is important for the overall health of your car. Below are reasons why keeping your car clean is beneficial in the long run.

1.) Protection: Washing your car at least once a week can help get rid of dirt and other debris like sap or bird droppings. All of which can cause damage to the paint of the car.

2.) Prevent Rust: Rust not only makes the car look bad but can be damaging in a number of ways. It damages the resale value of the vehicle and even…

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Dodge Journey: The Best of Both Worlds

The Melloy Dodge team are drivers just like you. So we know that getting away can often mean bringing quite a bit with you. When you choose the 2017 Dodge Journey, you're in luck. That is because the vehicle's incredible cargo versatility is what other mid-size SUVs can only strive to imitate. 


2017 Dodge Journey Crossroad Plus   Price: $33,480.00

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Don't Let a Small Windshield Crack Lead to Bigger Problems

If your windshield has cracked this isn't something that's just physically unappealing. Even the smallest windshield cracks could lead to much bigger damage and even danger. The small cracks in the windshield of your vehicle may become bigger and even shatter if they have not gotten repaired properly. It's important to handle windshield cracks as early on as possible.

Getting your windshield inspected can keep you and your passengers safe...

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What Goes Into Servicing Your Brakes?

If you're taking your car to the mechanic to have your brakes serviced, it's important to know what brake maintenance entails. Here are some things you can escape.
Your brake pads and shoes will be replaced every 20,000 miles and again at every 60,000 miles. You'll also need to have the rotors on your brakes polished or replaced. If necessary, your brake caliper pin or the caliper itself will be replaced. Every two years or 30,000 miles you'll also need to have your brake fluid flushed.
Brake service consists of many things, as…
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Get Your Tires Serviced Today to Keep Your Car Performing at its Best

Poor fuel economy, increased braking distance, sluggish handling on wet roads, these are all indicators that it may be time to get your car into the dealership for a tire service. Your tires can have a significant impact on the performance of your vehicle in a wide variety of ways. Significant wear on the tread can increase your braking distance by as much as 20% and can reduce responsive handling on wet roads and tight corners by as much as 35%. Don’t let your tires make driving more difficult or less safe.
Come into the service center today and…
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New Challenger SRT Demon Sets the Stage for New Era of Dodge Performance

The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon has not debuted to the public yet but the internet is all abuzz with anticipation for this model! We know that the Dodge brand has staked its reputation on delivering performance vehicles that perform with dynamic appeal. That’s why we are so excited to share new details from the Dodge brand about the upcoming model!


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Introducing the 2017 Dodge Durango Citadel Anodized Platinum

Here at Melloy Dodge, our team is dedicated to knowing all the ins-and-outs of the Dodge model lineup so that we can help drivers throughout the Albuquerque, New Mexico region enjoy reliable and stylish transportation. That’s one reason why we anticipate introducing you to the upcoming 2017 Dodge Durango Citadel Anodized Platinum model very soon!

The exceptional midsize Dodge Durango sports a dynamic 5.7-liter HEMI® V8 that puts out 390 pound-feet of torque and 360 horsepower for your Albuquerque commute.

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The King of New Mexico is the Big Horn

The RAM 1500 Big Horn is the undisputed king of New Mexico. The kingdom for this truck is Albuquerque, and you are the loyal beneficiaries of all the RAM 1500 Big Horn has to offer. To start with, if something is truck-related, and it has RAM in the title, you can bet it’s going to be one of the best. Ever since departing from Dodge in 2010 to become its own brand dedicated to trucks for truck enthusiasts, RAM has been at the front of the industry with its bold innovations for 

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