New Dodge 2022 Dodge Charger serving Las Cruces NM for Sale in Albuquerque NM l Las Cruces

2022 Dodge Charger serving Las Cruces NM

2022 Dodge Charger serving Las Cruces NM
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2022 Dodge Charger Overview

A 2022 Dodge Charger is one of this year’s premium lease vehicles. Get a 2022 Charger in the prime of its life, all for a lower monthly fee than if you financed the entire vehicle. Lease specials to Las Cruces include the mighty Charger, so it can be yours today for less money than you think. When you lease, you pay only for the amount of time you have possession of the vehicle. You’ll get a set mileage to drive annually, and you can lease for as little as a year or as long as 5 years. It’s all up to you.

Las Cruces NM - 2022 Dodge Charger's Overview

Exterior – Dodge Dealer serving Las Cruces NM

A 2022 Dodge Charger to Las Cruces is a musclebound warrior that looks great on the track or on the highway. You can really unleash the power of this beast everywhere you go, but the most powerful part of the model might just be the design itself. You’ve got hood scoops, a thin, grinning grille, and track-ready tires. The old-style 70s muscle car look has never faded completely away from the Charger. You’ll see its heritage in every etched line and curve. As always, Dodge puts their best team on badging, so you’ve got the kind of trendsetting badges that make the whole world stop and stare. Want an Angry Bee? It’s yours. Maybe you want your model stamped with “HEMI.” Or how about the Hellcat badge? Pick your trim, and pick your badge. The newest hood profile is the Mopar SHAKER hood and cold air intake. On the inside, the model gets even more street-ready.

Las Cruces NM - 2022 Dodge Charger's Exterior

Interior – 2022 Dodge Charger serving Las Cruces NM

Go inside the secret lair of this street champion. Inside, you’ll see brand new screens to monitor your entertainment, performance, GPS, and even music. Steel is the theme of the day for your gauges this year, a throwback look to times of old. This goes super well with your overall décor. New performance seating is meant to curve everywhere your own body curves, cradling you in the lap of luxury. SRT models get red seat belts, and there’s a suite of new colors to choose from. Some of our favorites include Black Houndstooth performance cloth, Demonic Red Laguna leather trim, and Black Sedoso premium cloth. Choose from sport seats or performance seats.

Las Cruces NM - 2022 Dodge Charger's Interior

Dodge Charger Mechanical specs

The 2022 Dodge Charger is a stunning looker, but no one buys a Charger just for this. They want kingly performance and a street-punishing powertrain. The streets don’t stand a chance against your new 2022 Dodge Charger to Las Cruces. The Supercharged High-Output HEMI V8 engine is the top of the line in the SRT Super Stock trim. Its 807 horsepower and 707 lb-ft of torque is so amazing that Dodge immortalized it in sound. Hearing is believing. There’s plenty of other powerful options, though, including a 392 HEMI V8 (495 horsepower and 474 lb-ft of torque) and 5.7L HEMI V8 (395 horsepower). Use our lease deals to Las Cruces to save on an upgrade.

Las Cruces NM - 2022 Dodge Charger's Mechanical

Technology – Dodge Dealership serving Las Cruces NM

The technology spread inside the 2022 Charger is one that will surprise you. Finally, Dodge managed to find something just as powerful as the Charger itself. A new 8.4″ touchscreen infotainment system lends you launch control, performance tracking, and music apps. Control your Charger’s strength with the sound of your voice, or throw on some tunes for your Alpine Group or Harman Kardon premium audio systems. It’s your choice. Melloy Dodge lease specials are available to help you get exactly the customizations you want.

Safety – 2022 Dodge Charger dealer

When we say that Dodge thought of everything in terms of safety, we really mean this. They’re bringing their A-game this year. Your Charger grabs active front head restraints, rain-sensing windshield wipers, and a high-strength steel structure. You’re already sitting in a fortress during your first ride. They weren’t content with just the advanced basics, though. They wanted something award-winning. To accomplish this, they brought out the heavy technology. Your model gets all-speed traction control, Hill Start Assist, and rain brake support. Adaptive Cruise Control makes it a lot more convenient and safe to rule over the streets. Active braking is built into full-speed forward collision warning, and of course, you’ve got a Blind Spot Monitoring system. This Charger looks out for itself so that you have more time to enjoy the heart-racing drive.

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