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Albuquerque RAM service and repair

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Albuquerque RAM service and repair

Albuquerque RAM service and repair

At Albuquerque Ram, you’ll find everything you need to keep your car going strong. We have expert mechanics ready to take care of your vehicle, no matter what kind of care it needs. From simple maintenance like oil changes, tire rotations, and alignments to complex repairs, our state-of-the-art dealership offers top-notch comprehensive service and repair. So if your car needs attention, be sure to let us know. We will gladly bring it in for service so that it leaves looking and performing as well as it did before. With highly-trained mechanics, premium diagnostic tools, and high quality repair parts, we are committed to making both you and your vehicle satisfied customers. To learn more about the RAM repair services that we offer, don’t hesitate to give us a call or visit our website for more details.

Albuquerque RAM service and repair - 2019 RAM Chassis Cab

RAM Specials And Quotes

After you buy a new RAM, you’ll need to bring it in for regular maintenance so that it continues to work at its best. The mileage-based service that you need to have varies by model. Different automakers also set their own recommended schedules for vehicle service. As the car owner, it’s a good idea to check your owner’s manual for the most accurate schedule of when your car needs service. However, most automakers use the “30-60-90” rule, which means that your vehicle should get a thorough evaluation at 30,000 miles, 60,000 miles, and 90,000 miles. Some automakers also recommend getting your car checked at 15,000 miles.

Albuquerque RAM service and repair - 2019 RAM ProMaster

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By the time your car reaches the 15,000 mile point, it will probably have had two or three oil changes. At 15,000 miles, it might need to have the air filter and fuel filter replaced as well. However, these filters might last until 30,000 miles. One of our knowledgeable mechanics can make that determination when you bring your car in for service. The first major mileage point where your car needs maintenance is 30,000 miles. If you haven’t had the filters replaced yet, you’ll need to have that done at this point. The battery, which lasts approximately 3-5 years, will be checked at the 30,000 mile point as well. Exposure to temperature extremes can drain the battery more quickly. The brakes will also be evaluated.

Albuquerque RAM service and repair - 2019 RAM 2500

Automotive Repairs And Services

In addition to mileage-based services, your vehicle should have other maintenance periodically as well. This includes oil changes and alignments. Oil changes should be performed anywhere between 3,000 and 10,000 miles, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations and whether your car uses synthetic or traditional oil. Your car should also get an alignment every 5,000 or 6,000 miles. Many people choose to schedule an alignment after the winter season when you’ve likely driven over potholes and other adverse road conditions. It’s important to keep up with a regular alignment schedule, as an alignment that’s out of position will affect your car’s steering and handling. It can also make the tires wear unevenly, which in turn means that you’ll need to replace them more frequently. When your car needs maintenance of any kind, be sure to contact Albuquerque RAM for service.

Albuquerque RAM service and repair - 2019 RAM 3500

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At our dealership, you’ll find premium service and repair to keep your car running strong. In addition to routine maintenance, we offer RAM repair to replace parts when they go bad. Whether your car’s ailing component needs to be fixed or swapped out, we handle it all. We are proud to offer premium replacement parts called original equipment manufacturer, or OEM parts, that fit like the original component. Only OEM parts are certified to look and perform as well as the original parts. Many independent service and repair shops use aftermarket parts, which may or may not fit your vehicle well. In turn, that can detract from your vehicle’s performance capabilities and even shorten its longevity. At Albuquerque RAM, however, you’ll have the advantage of getting only skilled mechanics and premium parts for your vehicle.

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