What Goes Into Servicing Your Brakes?

If you're taking your car to the mechanic to have your brakes serviced, it's important to know what brake maintenance entails. Here are some things you can escape.
Your brake pads and shoes will be replaced every 20,000 miles and again at every 60,000 miles. You'll also need to have the rotors on your brakes polished or replaced. If necessary, your brake caliper pin or the caliper itself will be replaced. Every two years or 30,000 miles you'll also need to have your brake fluid flushed.
Brake service consists of many things, as you can see. The exact services that your car needs depends on a number of factors. The amount of driving you do on a regular basis, as well as your driving style will determine how and when your brakes need to be serviced. It's also important to consider the make and model of your car when you're making an appointment for brake services. Make sure your brake system is checked regularly so you'll know exactly which maintenance issues need your immediate attention.
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