5 Point Safety Checklist Before You Head Out on That Road Trip

Our car service center at Melloy Dodge in Albuquerque, NM, knows the importance of taking proactive measures to ensure your traveling is as safe as possible. Before you load up the car for that family trip, consider this 5 point safety checklist.

Before you leave your house for the trip, be sure that you:

1. Bring along a tire gauge and check that all four tires have the correct air pressure when you fuel up.

2. Bring along a gallon of the right engine coolant, not just water, in case the vehicle does overheat.

3. Change the wiper blades and refill the washer fluid.

4. Bring a roll of duct tape for those emergencies like a leaking radiator hose that needs a quick repair.

5. Bring an emergency box that has a flashlight, electrical tape, road flares, tools, and some water bottles.

These 5 safety points should help to make the trip safer and get you to your destination easier.

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