Services to Help Your Vehicle Stay Healthy

At our service center in Albuquerque, NM, we have trained technicians that can give your vehicle the service and maintenance it deserves. But, which services get recommended to keep your vehicle staying healthy? For your Dodge or Ram vehicle, in addition to an oil change, some of the services to consider include tire rotation and balance, checking on the vehicle’s air filter along with the power steering fluid, and getting a brake inspection. How can these services benefit your vehicle?

When you get the tires on your Dodge or Ram balanced and rotated, this helps with the overall wear of the tires. It can help ensure that the wear is even, and possibly prevent blowouts in the future. The brakes are another significant component to check. When getting a brake inspection, this allows a technician to see how the brakes are working, and if parts need to get replaced; like brake pads. Power steering fluid also plays an important role. With the appropriate amount of power steering fluid also comes smooth handling while driving. Why do you need to check your air filter? Your air filter not only works to provide you with cooler air but also to clean the engine of debris. When not cleaned or replaced, this can affect the health of the engine over time.

If you need a service completed for your Dodge or Ram, contact us and schedule an appointment today at Melloy Dodge.


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