How do Extreme Weather Temperatures Affect Car Batteries?

Although the change of seasons brings a sense of newness, the months with temperature extremes can also create extra headaches without proper vehicle maintenance. Very cold and hot weather can cause your battery, and the rest of the operating system, to overwork. Maintaining a regular service schedule helps ensure it’s running properly.

Engine oil naturally thickens when the temperatures drop below freezing. As a result, it takes more work for the battery and starter relay to start the engine. One solution to help this situation is to use a multi-grade oil that provides different viscosity for varying temperatures. When the season turns hot, it’s recommended to check the battery fluid at regular intervals. The heat will evaporate liquid, and you don’t want your battery to overheat.

A good service program for your battery is fall and spring. We would welcome your questions. Stop in to Melloy Dodge when you’re in Albuquerque.

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