Durability Features That Make the ProMaster City One of Ram's Gems

Ram is giving Melloy Dodge another winning model with durability features to get excited about. The Ram ProMaster City is a popular cargo van and passenger wagon that you've probably seen on the streets of Albuquerque.

Features Worth the Hype

Power Zones

The vehicle comes with crush zones all around the vehicle. These zones are powerful enough to resist impact as much as possible. Hopefully, you never have to use these zones, but it does feel good to be in a vehicle that will protect you.


It should be pointed out that the ProMaster City comes with five years of rust-through protection, and you know rust can be a body killer. The vehicle also comes with a basic three-year limited warranty.

The power, durability, and the overall build of this vehicle is something that needs to be experienced. Go ahead, schedule your test drive to see if this is the van for you.



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