The Ram 3500 is Reliable Even for the Snow

If you are looking for a vehicle that always has something for you to be impressed by, then the Ram 3500 is one of the vehicles that is going to give you something that impresses all throughout the year. We at Melloy Dodge see a lot of features that make the Ram 3500 even reliable when it snows.

One feature that you should at least consider is the Snow Chief Package. This will make you useful even when it snows. This package gives you the ability to plow as much as 1,265 pounds of snow. This type of feature comes for the rear wheel 4X4 models of the Ram 3500.

This vehicle also makes it so that you can easily tow heavy items. You get the heavy-duty hooks for some of the heavy-lifting jobs that you are going to be involved in. The Ram 3500 has a power that is worth taking for a test drive.



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