Enjoy Built-In Durability With the Ram Promaster Van

The new Ram ProMaster is a capable, durable, and popular run-about cargo van. People who are new to the Ram ProMaster van may be surprised by its internal cargo space, its maneuverability, and its many safety features. That said, they may also be pleasantly surprised by the many built-in durability features that make it a trustworthy work vehicle.

The external shell of the new Ram ProMaster is itself a paragon of strength and durability. High-intensity work vans like the ProMaster often suffer from small dings and scratches, and to this end the engineers at Ram created this vehicle with a semi-modular design.

Included in this design package are both front and rear fascia areas made from three separate pieces that are easy to remove and replace. Plus, these modular pieces include sturdy thermoplastic composites in their designs, making them yet more damage resistant.


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