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The All-New Dodge Ram 1500 Dependability Features

The reason the Ram 1500 gets high marks for being a light-duty pick-up truck you can rely on, dependability and safety features wrapped in one.

What good is a great looking truck that struggles to haul a load or breaks down frequently? Your new Dodge 1500 makes use of only the best materials, the result, a frame that can withstand years of abuse. The frame of the Ram 1500 is comprised of a unique eight cross-member support system and 50,000 psi steel.

With regards to occupant safety, the Ram 1500 has you covered. Advanced occupant safety protection starts with…
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A Glance at a Few Durability Features That Come With the Ram 3500

Are you shopping for a capable and dependable heavy-duty pickup truck? If you are, the Ram 3500 has much to offer when it comes to performance and durability. To help you gain a better understanding of the new truck’s durability features, we have summarized a few below.

The 2018 Ram 3500 comes with an Exclusive smart exhaust engine brake. This braking system maximizes the control you have over the truck when driving on hills. The Exclusive smart smart exhaust engine brake helps you brake efficiently while maintaining the stability of the disc brakes. This feature is especially...

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A Look at the Innovative Dodge Journey's Safety Features

Safely is always a major consideration when selecting a vehicle, including an SUV. The Dodge Journey comes with a number of innovative, dynamic safety features. The Dodge Journey safety features include Parkview rear backup camera. The camera provides a wide view of the area behind the vehicle and activates immediately when the SUV is put in reverse.

Another of the Dodge Journey safety features is advanced airbag system. The system surrounds the seated passengers with seven airbags.

Safety features on the Dodge Journey include a protective frame. 
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Dodge Journey Technology Features

One of the most popular midsize SUVs on the market today is the Dodge Journey. What makes it so popular is that it incorporates some of the most state-of-the-art technology on its 8.4-inch touchscreen that enhances its convenience without affecting its performance.

Whenever you are traveling long distances, the Dodge Journey's Uconnect 3 NAV option features a Garmin GPS navigation system with realistic depictions of intersections and road signs along your route. Whenever you want to see what...


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Experience Unsurpassed Capability With The All New Ram 2500

Pickup truck drivers choose their vehicles not just based on looks and style trends, but more what that vehicle can do for them when they need it. This is part of what makes the all-new 2018 Ram 2500 such an attractive option.

Drivers of the all new Ram 2500 will benefit from many capability features like:
  • 17,980 pounds max towing in the diesel model
  • 800 foot pounds max torque in the diesel model
  • 410 max HP in the gas model
  • 429 foot pounds max gas torque
  • Five link coil rear suspension
  • Available Snow Chief Package
  • Heavy-Duty Hooks
  • Ram Active…
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How do Extreme Weather Temperatures Affect Car Batteries?

Although the change of seasons brings a sense of newness, the months with temperature extremes can also create extra headaches without proper vehicle maintenance. Very cold and hot weather can cause your battery, and the rest of the operating system, to overwork. Maintaining a regular service schedule helps ensure it’s running properly.

Engine oil naturally thickens when the temperatures drop below freezing. As a result, it takes more work for the battery and starter relay to start the engine. One solution to help this situation is to use a multi-grade oil that...

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Front-wheel vs. Rear-wheel Drive Vehicle Options

While rear-wheel drive technology was the first and only way to purchase a car for years, you now have a choice between front-wheel and rear-wheel. For drivers looking for economical, more fuel-efficient vehicles, front-wheel drive is the answer.

With a rear-wheel drive vehicle, it often takes more power to run the car. For race cars, this is usually necessary. With an average car owner, more power translates into higher fuel expenses that aren't wanted.

Front-wheel drive vehicles handle very well in bad weather, and you can accelerate around a corner...
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MOPAR Staying Active at Age 80

MOPAR turned 80 last year, but the brand is still going every bit as strong today as it ever was in every field. This even includes auto racing. Plymouth and Dodge cars began really racking up awards in the 1964 season when they agreed to share MOPAR parts with the likes of NHRA champion Don " Big Daddy" Garlits. Our Parts Center at Melloy Dodge is well-stocked with these replacements for our customers!

Almost immediately, MOPAR created the Direct Connection line of parts to sell racing components to the general public. The modern MOPAR logo followed suit, getting introduced in...

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The Necessity of Routine Coolant System Inspections

A vehicle's cooling system circulates antifreeze throughout the engine components in order to maintain a proper temperature in the engine. The system consists of the radiator, the radiator cap, the hoses, thermostat and water pump. When any of these parts malfunction, temperatures rise abnormally high. Without immediate service repair, the engine may endure costly damage. The engine heads may warp, or the gaskets deteriorate and leak.

Should you notice your thermostat is indicating a temperature that is higher than normal or sees antifreeze beneath your vehicle when parked...

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Easy checklist relieves the stress of road trips

Long road trips require some simple preparation to ensure they go as expected.

Before getting on the road, always get your oil changed and have your battery tested for strength. It's a good idea to have your tires rotated and the air pressure equalized. Take your car through the car wash and be sure to fill up your gas tank. You should also map out your route, update your GPS navigation system and make any needed hotel reservations. Packing a cooler with water, snacks, and sodas will eliminate the need to purchase expensive junk at rest stops...

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