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Los Lunas Area 2020 Dodge Charger

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Los Lunas Area 2020 Dodge Charger

Vehicle Overview

The 2020 Dodge Charger is most likely the right model for you if you’re into muscle and eye-catching looks. It’s one of Dodge’s muscle cars, and it’s designed to give you the nostalgia of the old-school models while keeping you up to date on technology and appeal. The 2019 model came in at a strong seventh place on the US News website. Its highest scores were in the categories of safety and performance. The following is a breakdown of some of the features it has. Read through the material and then decide when you’d like to visit Melloy Dodge serving Los Lunas New Mexico and take a test-drive. Melloy Dodge has numerous Chargers in its inventory that you can check out.

Los Lunas NM - 2020 Dodge Charger's Overview

Exterior – 2020 Dodge Charger

There isn’t a single word that can accurately describe the exterior of the Charger. Wow is the most likely the closest we can get, and even that word doesn’t tell the entire story. Its sporty appeal will get you ready to race, and it will turn the heads for anyone who looks at you, as well. Color options for this model include dynamic options such as Sublime Metallic Clearcoat, Go Mango, Plum Crazy Pearlcoat, Indigo Blue and the like. You can choose from more than 10 colors to find the shade that’s right for you.

Los Lunas NM - 2020 Dodge Charger's Exterior

Interior – 2020 Dodge Charger near Los Lunas NM

Even though the 2020 Dodge Charger is a muscle car, it’s still comfortable and convenient. Dodge made sure it put in features that would keep your back and backside comfy so that you could drive long distances. It also installed a lot of convenience features that would accommodate you and your passengers. You will have features like the Vehicle Anti-Theft System, Heated Steering Wheel, Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel and more. This short list doesn’t do it justice, however. You really need to contact the dealership serving Los Lunas New Mexico and get a full rundown of your options for the 2020 Dodge Charger.

Los Lunas NM - 2020 Dodge Charger's Interior

Mechanical – Charger specs near Los Lunas

The tech features in this model are abundant to enhance your trip. You’ll have features like Smart Device Integration so that you can have more control over the things you love. This model also comes with Wi-Fi so that you and your passengers can stay connected on the road. Other tech features on the Charger include features such as HD Radio, Keyless Start, Navigation, Satellite Radio and more. The long list of tech and mechanical features is way too long to list. You’ll have to visit the dealership to really see what this model is made of.

Los Lunas NM - 2020 Dodge Charger's Mechanical

Powertrain – Dodge Charger specs near Los Lunas NM

You’ll never have to worry about having enough power if you own a Charger. Dodge made enough options for you to be happy, whether you’re making your decision by your budget or personal preferences. The base model has a 3.6-Liter V6 in it that puts out a very powerful 292 horsepower. You can also choose from a variety of eight-cylinder options, one of them being a 6.2-Liter that gets more than 700 horsepower. You can have whatever makes you happy. Just tell the salesperson at the dealership what you would like, and he or she will help make sure that it becomes yours.

Safety – 2020 Dodge Charger dealer

The Dodge Charger is set up to keep you safe and allow you to have fun when you’re behind the wheel. It has an assortment of safety technology installed that will help you prevent accidents and mishaps. Some of the key features the model has are Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Warning, Lane Keeping Assist and Lane Departure Warning. The Lane Departure Warning feature is exactly what it sounds like it is. It’s a system that lets you know when you’re departing from your lane. The Lane Keeping Assist is designed to help you get back in the lane and stay in the lane. Forward Collision Warning acts as an extra set of eyes, and it works to prevent you from hitting anything in front of you. Adaptive Cruise Control is another protective feature that ensures that you’re following other cars at the appropriate distance. It will apply brake pressure and adjust your speed if you are not. These are only a few of the many features that you’ll have at your fingertips if you invest in the Charger. Someone at the dealership can tell you a whole lot more.

You’ve read about a lot of the amazing features the Charger has. Now it’s time to get proactive and take a test-drive in it. Contact someone at Melloy Dodge serving Los Lunas New Mexico so that you can visit the dealership and take the car on a journey. You’ll know whether it’s right for you by the time you’re done with that ride. The finance team can then help you obtain the approval you need and deserve.

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