Melloy Fleet Sales

The Melloy Dodge Fleet Department serves the vehicle needs of government agencies and organizations. For Commercial Business vehicles, see our Commercial Department page.

For information about Fleet sales, Fleet Sales Manager Dominic Gonzales at 505-559-4165 or email [email protected]

The Fleet Department provides cars and vans; law enforcement vehicles; and trucks to cities, counties, state and federal agencies. Our Commercial team handles single-unit vehicle sales for area businesses and can be reached at 505-559-4165.

Fleet sales can be handled through purchase orders or regular financing, and are also able to enroll in our BusinessLink program. It provides:

  • Registered vehicle gets serviced by the FIRST available service technician. The “Next Bay-Up” program gets your agency’s vehicle on the road as soon as possible.
  • Extended service hours so your vehicles are returned as soon as possible.
  • 24-Hour towing to our dealership for service.
  • Shuttle service back to your office or worksite, or use of a Free Loaner Vehicle with our Alternate Transportation Program. Get a loaner vehicle at no cost when your eligible vehicle is in for repair during the normal warranty period (3 years or 36,000 miles).
  • A dedicated BusinessLink Account Manager who will expedite anything your organization might need.

It’s Free! Sign up today to start taking advantage of what BusinessLink has to offer!

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