The Ram 2500's Powertrain Options

In the heavy-duty pickup truck class, the Ram 2500 remains a popular choice among buyers who need a dependable workhorse of a truck that still offers plenty of comfort and excellent performance on the road. Whether you need the capacity to haul large loads for work or play, the Ram 2500 is ready for anything.

Dive in to a day's work with the Ram 2500's powerful 6.7-liter V8 engine. Packing 370 horsepower under the hood and boasting 800 pound-feet of torque, the 2500 can haul up to 18,000 pounds of cargo. Load a trailer with watercraft, off-road vehicles or a motorhome, and enjoy the Ram 2500's powerful response even at highway speeds.

Choose between a manual or automatic transmission depending on your requirements. The manual transmission offers six speeds and an innovative clutch that works in tandem with the engine to reduce wear and extend the life of the clutch. The automatic transmission optimizes its gear shift ratio to respond to hauling or acceleration needs.



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