Durability Should be Stamped All Over the Ram 1500

The Ram 1500 is one of the automaker's most popular light-duty trucks, and it really is a beauty. All it takes is a quick overview of Melloy Dodge Ram FIAT's inventory to see how good this truck can be for you. Still, we want to share a little more about its durability features.

High Strength

One thing the automaker is proud to say about this model is that 98 percent of its steel is made from high-strength steel. This means the frame of this truck can withstand much more than other vehicles, and you'll have that level of protection for yourself and passengers.

Ready to Work

Towing can take a toll if the vehicle was not built for it. Thankfully, the Ram 1500 was built to handle up to 12,750 pounds. You can take it anywhere you need to in Albuquerque and beyond. This is all possible thanks to the V8 engine.

Give the Ram 1500 a sporting chance and take a test drive with us. If you belong in this vehicle, you are going to feel it.



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