The Dodge Challenger Packages Provide Value

No matter what package you select with a Dodge Challenger, you'll get practical features that are highly valuable. At Melloy Dodge, you can check out all of the great packages that are available for the latest Dodge Challenger.

Dodge offers Blacktop, Classic, Appearance, and Performance packages with the Challenger. The Blacktop package includes a ton of features, such as a glossy black spoiler, bezel, and grille. It also includes luxury floor mats and upscale, 20-inch wheels with aluminum accents. The Classic package has elements that are vintage and practical tools that boost efficiency on the road. Dodge's Appearance package includes key features that provide flair, such as bold interior accents and a dramatic bumblebee stripe, and the Performance bundle has advanced suspension components, efficient braking calipers, and other convenient tools.

These packages provide benefits on highways, streets, and trails. If you select a package that suits your driving habits, you'll enjoy every trip to different destinations in Albuquerque.



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