Are the Mopar Vehicle Protection Plans Cost Prohibitive?

Some costs are hidden from a purchaser of a new or used vehicle. For instance, the price of factory warranties is tied to the total price of a car that is sitting on the automobile sales lot. These prices are non-negotiable as they are laid out by the manufacturer in response to government regulations.

Roadside hazard protection plans such as the one-of-a-kind Mopar Vehicle Protection package are offered to eligible clients as a peace-of-mind remedy to the travails of the traveler through Albuquerque or anywhere else. There is a cost related to the program that includes a $100 allowance toward repairing damage to tires caused by roadside hazards. Those costs depend on your current warranty, the condition of the vehicle, and age and mileage.

To discover for yourself the cost vs. value of the Mopar Vehicle Protection plan when applied to your vehicle, visit Melloy Dodge.



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