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How do Extreme Weather Temperatures Affect Car Batteries?

Although the change of seasons brings a sense of newness, the months with temperature extremes can also create extra headaches without proper vehicle maintenance. Very cold and hot weather can cause your battery, and the rest of the operating system, to overwork. Maintaining a regular service schedule helps ensure it’s running properly.

Engine oil naturally thickens when the temperatures drop below freezing. As a result, it takes more work for the battery and starter relay to start the engine. One solution to help this situation is to use a multi-grade oil that...

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The Necessity of Routine Coolant System Inspections

A vehicle's cooling system circulates antifreeze throughout the engine components in order to maintain a proper temperature in the engine. The system consists of the radiator, the radiator cap, the hoses, thermostat and water pump. When any of these parts malfunction, temperatures rise abnormally high. Without immediate service repair, the engine may endure costly damage. The engine heads may warp, or the gaskets deteriorate and leak.

Should you notice your thermostat is indicating a temperature that is higher than normal or sees antifreeze beneath your vehicle when parked...

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Get Your Tires Serviced Today to Keep Your Car Performing at its Best

Poor fuel economy, increased braking distance, sluggish handling on wet roads, these are all indicators that it may be time to get your car into the dealership for a tire service. Your tires can have a significant impact on the performance of your vehicle in a wide variety of ways. Significant wear on the tread can increase your braking distance by as much as 20% and can reduce responsive handling on wet roads and tight corners by as much as 35%. Don’t let your tires make driving more difficult or less safe.
Come into the service center today and…
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Entrepreneurship and Chrysler: ‘Portraits of Proud’

“And why did you open your own business?” an interviewer asks the proprietor of a new shop in town. The interviewee, and new entrepreneur, sits breathless for a moment.

Where to start?

For many entrepreneurs, the idea of owning their own business has always just “been there.” Hard to explain or describe, it’s a trait that they carry with them, just like brown eyes or curly hair. For others, the road to owning a small business started more slowly. Perhaps as a side gig while working a full-time job.


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See for yourself

We've all been hearing the stories about how Ram trucks are tough, reliable, and get the job done, but it's always nice to hear more. One owner of a landscaping company had tried the competition's trucks, but with poor results. Since switching over to the durable Ram 3500 he has been able to get the job done with little interruption.

When your job is on the line, it's important to know…

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