At Melloy Dodge we offer GEM Passenger Models e2 and e4!

Environmentally-Minded Green Vehicles

GEM vehicles are 100% electric and may qualify for a 10% federal tax credit.

Safe and Legal

Our GEM cars accelerate up to 25 mph and reach a range of up to 30* miles.

Meets federal standards for safety. Each vehicle includes three-point safety belts, turn signals, safety windshield, brake lights, headlamps, adjustable mirrors, and windshield wipers.


Only pay two cents per mile for electricity and save on all those rising gas prices. Plug the GEM car into a 110-volt outlet for charging and go!


GEM cars have been the low-speed vehicle leader since 1998 with new innovations each model year. New for this year is Energy Monitoring System.  This system records the energy the GEM uses while charging and enables viewing of the total amount of energy that's been removed from the grid. Also you may customize your own GEM car with many options to suit your needs.


* Range will vary depending on temperature, terrain, driving style, and vehicle payload. 





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